Sports Fields

The Hotel Rodan-Groklin can boast of really rich football traditions. For a few years it was a high-class training centre for the first league team – Groclin Dyskobolia. The hotel, along with a sports centre, provides a professional preparation of the players to the football struggles – the highest standard full-sized football pitches and changing rooms which meet the most excessive criteria. The Premiership League regularly trains on our premises as well. Being perfectly aware of the players’ needs, we offer one of the best sports bases ever and anywhere.


  • Location of all objects in the immediate vicinity of each other creates one large sports centre
  • Modern football facilities – full-size changing rooms that meet the UEFA requirements
  • Four training fields fulfilling the standards of the UEFA and FIFA
    • One pitch with the artificial surface and artificial lighting of 400 lux power
    • Two training pitches with natural surface
    • Main pitch fitted with a heated turf and artificial lighting to transmit matches in HD
    • Stadium considered one of the most beautiful and best-equipped facilities in Europe in the category of up to 10 thousands spectators in the 9th edition of the European Medal
  • Sports health clinic
  • 4 tennis courts with the synthetic grass surface Melbourne White Sand (game fields in the brick colour, entries in green)
  • During the winter our tennis courts turn into indoor pneumatic halls, which allows for active practicing tennis throughout the year.


Maciej Russ – Sports Events Coordinator
M: +48 502 302 786